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Discography as a bandleader:

Tournesol (2011):

Séb Pipe - alto sax

Will Butteroworth - piano

Marcus Penrose - double bass 

Pipe Dreams:

Live 2010/11

Arthur Lea - keyboards

Kevin Glasgow - electric bass

Richard Gold - electric guitar

George Hart - drums

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Music is Life (2007):

Séb Pipe - alto sax

Arthur Lea - piano

Larry Bartley - double bass

Chris Vatalaro - drums

Shoot for the Stars (2009):

Séb Pipe - alto sax

Arthur Lea - piano

Phil Donkin - double and electric bass

George Hart - drums

Discography as a sideman:

Will Butterworth Quartet:

The Nightingale and the Rose (2017):

Based on Oscar Wilde’s short story of ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’.

Will Butterworth - piano

Séb Pipe - alto saxophone

Nick Pini - double bass

Pete Ibbetson - drums 

Max Luthert:

Orbital (2014)

Max Luthert - double bass

Séb Pipe - alto sax

Duncan Eagles - tenor sax

Gareth Lockrane - flutes

Matt Robinson - piano

Dave Hamblett - drums

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